Do you want to give someone a piece of jewelry they can always wear? Do you want to get someone something with a special message? If so, come see me at my studio. I can create a spectacular bracelet that is unique and like no other.

There are times when a custom made ring or a pair of earrings might be a better gift. However, sometimes you may want to give someone a gift they can wear all the time or on special events and that is when a custom made bracelet may be a better choice. I can create you a bracelet that is beautiful and special too. If you come to Monique van Wel Designs, I can sketch and create you a beautiful bracelet anyone would love.

Of all my pieces, one of my customer’s favorites is the family tree pendant. It is quite beautiful and is a great piece for treasured memories. This wonderful pendant can be used with the bracelets I make as well.

Are you looking for a magnificent gift for your wife, a friend or anyone else? If so, allow me to create an exclusive bracelet that can be added to any jewelry collection. Come to Monique van Wel Designs to have a design consult and get the bracelet you want custom made today!