pendantsYour family is made up of people, who surround you, support you and love you. Do you want to show someone you love appreciation for all they do for you? If so, you need one of the most unique pieces of jewelry and I can create that for you. At Monique van Wel Designs, I create family tree pendants that allow you to treasure those you love. This pendant is a lovely gift to hand down from generation to generation.

The family tree pendants that I create are more than an average piece of jewelry. There is something truly special about the process of creating them. I want you to come in and tell me your story. I would enjoy creating a family tree pendant that is personalized for you. I know that every family is unique and that is why your family tree pendant should be treated the same way. Every piece that is added to the pendant is another way to treasure your family. If you want to make sure that the legacy and love of your family is remembered forever, a family tree pendant is right for you.

We can also re-purpose sentimental jewelry pieces and add them to your new Family Tree Pendant. This adds an additional uniqueness to your gift. Not only do you have this wonderful piece of jewelry but you already have a special history to it.

Do you want to give someone a gift they can wear around each day? Do you want to give someone a gift that allows them to remember their family every day? If so, come visit me and I can create a uniquely designed family tree pendant for you right away. I enjoy being a part of creating something special for families and I want to help you. I love being a part of the smile you give someone when handing them one of my pendants. Come talk with me today so we can create a special pendant with your story and my goldsmith experience!