“Life is too short for average jewelry.”

Every occasion and moment in your life deserves a unique gift. At Monique van Wel Designs, I can create a fabulous necklace for you any day. Think about all of the gifts that you could give a loved one or a friend? A necklace could be a wonderful gift for any reason and I can create a personalized piece just for you.

The necklaces that I create are one-of-a-kind and precious. I make many jewelry pieces that are custom made and my necklaces have been enjoyed by many customers. You may have an idea in mind of the type of necklace you would like to have made. If you do, bring those ideas and I can create a necklace that is specifically designed based on your ideas. Do you have a necklace in a jewelry box you never wear? I can repurpose that one for you as well. If you are not sure what you want that is alright too. I can help you create the best necklace as a gift for someone today.

If you want to give your sister a necklace she can wear any time or a friend a treasured gift, I can make the necklace special and unique, just for you!