There are some moments in life that can’t be made wonderful without the perfect ring. In the designs that I create, I can help you make these moments exceptional. Think about the moment you want to create? Do you want to put a smile on someone’s face and in their heart? I know that is what I enjoy seeing and I can help you to do that. You and I can create a purpose and a vision in the ring we create together and it will be outstanding.

Using Goldsmith techniques that I have learned over the years is something I enjoy doing. Rings, when given as a gift, must have a feeling delivered with them. Look around, maybe you have a heirloom ring you would like to hand down to someone? Maybe you have an idea in your head of the perfect engagement ring you would like to give to your beautiful girlfriend? Come in and tell me your story. I will sketch the ring you have in your mind and in your heart. The result will be breathtaking.

At Monique van Wel Designs, I make creating rings a customized process. I enjoy helping you capture life’s priceless moments. Using a custom made, unique ring is a fantastic way for you to do that. Every ring that I create is made to last. If you have been dreaming up the perfect ring, come see me and we will create the most magnificent ring anyone has ever seen.