Teardrop Blue/gray Sapphire on twig ring

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Handmade in Ontario, Canada

Ring Size: 8  US
Materials: Sterling Silver 
Gemstone: Sapphire
Gem colour: hot Pink

This Natural Teardrop rose cut Blue/Gray Sapphire is set in Sterling Silver with 2 hearts, my signature, on the back of the stone.

This stone shows part of the mineral structure on the top and back.

The simple style of this ring makes it so perfect for any occasion.
A perfect unique gift for any lady on your list.

This ring can be used as part of a stackable ring set.

Ring Size: 8  US

Sapphire's crystal name is Corundum.

With a hardness of 9 on the scale of Mohs, its the hardest next to diamond (10)
I love the durability of this stone, not scratch easily at all and is great for everyday use.

The contrast between the brushed silver and the stone gives it that "chic elegance" look that you will love every day and on your night out. These are just real Eye candy for the luxury lover.

This stone shows the mineral Structure ( hexagon and a sheen*))This makes it so Unique +rose cut on the top gives it a nice extra sparkle.

Colour and sheen are tough to capture in an image and are way nicer in person.

Colour can vary due to the differences in monitors or digital devices.

The mystic sheen*/cat eye effect in these genuine/natural Sapphire is due to the fact that it is cut from rough material that exhibits partial asterism.**

Please Contact Me for customizing or other Questions.

Thanks for shopping at my store

~ Monique 😊

**Asterism = Basically, there are rutile needle inclusions in it that are oriented at certain angles to give it that partial star effect. The reason why you can't actually see a partial star is that the stone is cut flat. In order for the star to show, the stone must be cut into a high-domed cabochon.**