Natural Turquoise carved bead earrings

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Handmade in Ontario, Canada


Drop length: 20mm-3/4 Inches;

Width: 10mm-0.5 Inches

Materials: Sterling Silver

Gemstone: Turquoise 

Style: Minimalist 

Earring style : dangle, wire

These Natural Turquoise carved bead earrings are made of Sterling Silver wire.

The simplicity and a hint of color make them perfect for the Minimalist on your list and for daily enjoyment .

These earrings are perfect for mask wearing, they provide such comfort and with the way these wire are secured on the back ,you don't have to worry you are losing them when daily taking masks on and off.

Size about 3/4 inch long by .5 inches wide.

Color can vary due to the differences in monitors or devices

Please Contact Me for customizing or other Questions.


Thanks for shopping at my store

~ Monique 😊



Turquoise is a copper aluminum mineral. Copper causes its bright blue and its greenish shades are speckles of iron within. Its name came from French “Pierre turquoise” meaning “Turkish stone” due to Turkey trading vast amounts of Turquoise because of its position between Europe and Asia. Turquoise is one of, if not the longest used stone in all of human history.

Beads have been found in Iran dating back to around 5000 B.C., and the Egyptians were mining Turquoise around 3200 B.C. About 1000 years ago Native Americans began to find out about Turquoise and used it for jewelry, weapons, and amulets. They believed Turquoise would open their mind up to the Infinite possibilities the universe has to offer. The stone has been commonly found in Native American burial sites on both continental Americas.