Raw Blue Topaz Earrings

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Handmade in Ontario, Canada


Drop length: 25mm-1 Inches;

Width: 10mm-0.5 Inches

Materials: Sterling Silver

Gemstone: Raw Blue Topaz

Style: Minimalist 

Earring style : dangle,wire


These Natural Raw Blue Topaz bead earrings are made with Sterling Silver wire.

The simplicity and a hint of color make them perfect for the Minimalist on your list and for daily enjoyment .

These earrings are perfect everyday wearing, they provide such comfort knowing with the way these wire are secured on the back ,you don't have to worry losing them when daily.


Made to be worn and enjoyed everyday at home, to work or your night out


Size about 1 1/4 inch long by .5 inches wide.


Color can vary due to the differences in monitors or devices

Please Contact Me for customizing or other Questions.


Thanks for shopping at my store


~ Monique 😊


Blue topaz


Blue Topaz, a rare variety of Topaz, is an aluminum fluorine silicate mineral that forms in tiny (well formed) vertical hexagonal crystals, as well as small prismatic shards. The color is caused from unstable light that's directly absorbed from the inclusions of the iron atoms. Blue Topaz is the state mineral of Texas, where small deposits have been found. The main commercialized localities come out of Brazil and Zimbabwe.


Blue Topaz helps one connect their third eye and throat chakras together, thus creating a strengthened bond capable of transmitting messages from within and above. One will become both more comfortable with themselves and aware of what their emotional body is experiencing. As this connection grows, you can then easily describe and convey exactly how you feel to the most important people around you. Blue Topaz enhances our mental capabilities and ushers in the awakening of one's truest capabilities. This crystal allows your mind to expand and become hypersensitive to your own personal experiences, as well as the messages one is receiving from beings above. Subconsciously when you begin working with Blue Topaz, it will engage your third eye and allow you to slowly ascend and conjoin multiple dimensional layers.