Scarab charm with Diamond in Sterling Silver.

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Handmade in Ontario, Canada

Charm length: 13mm-1/2 Inches;

Width: 6.5mm-1/4 Inches

Materials: Sterling Silver

Gemstone:  Diamond

Style: Minimalist 


Scarab charm

A talisman for Protection, prosperity,

This Sterling Silver charm has a 1.5 mm diamond gipsy set.

Charm comes with a 16" cable chain.

Silver is also the metal that represents the female energy.

Scarab or Scarabaei is a symbol of protection, prosperity and a symbol for renewal and rebirth and many more.

In the old Egypt sscara's were seen as Sacred and were buried with the Mummy's

A Symbol Of Renewal And Rebirth

The scarab beetle was a manifestation of Ra, the sun god. Just like scarab bugs that sprang out of dead matter, the sun god Ra rolled the sun across the sky during the day, where it would set into the abyss and rise in the morning (rebirth) to shine again (renewal of life)

The connection between the beetle and the sun was so close that the young sun god was thought to be reborn in the form of a winged scarab beetle every morning at sunrise.

As this young sun god, known as Khepri, rose in the sky, he brought light and life to the land.
it was believed that the heart stored the thoughts and memories of an individual that would be needed in the afterlife

That is why a scarab was found placed on the heart of Tutankhamun in his tomb. Using evidence gathered from various sources, the final mystery about the scarab could be solved


The simplicity makes this a perfect little gift for the Minimalist on your list and for daily enjoyment 


Made to be worn and enjoyed everyday at home, to work or your night out


Charm Size approx.  1/2 inch long by 1/4 inches wide.


Color can vary due to the differences in monitors or devices


Please Contact Me for customizing or other Questions.


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~ Monique 😊